Aallokko necklace

Permanence and change meet in Aallokko necklace. The rocky cliffs stand still, even though the waves of the sea hit them with force. On the other hand the sea is able to shape and leave its mark on the stone. As humans we have left our mark on the sea, but the sea has also shaped us and made many things possible. The sea is churning, but its movement and power doesn't stop. Waves from soft and carved wood flow together with the wet stones made of shiny silver. Together we and the sea can overcome challenges.

Aallokko necklace won the 1st prize in the Kotka International Aqua, Ambra, Aquila jewelry competition. The City of Kotka, the Maritime Center Vellamo and the Kotka Maritime festival in co-operation with the Finnish Goldsmiths' Association and the Finnish Watch and Jewelry Museum organized the competition.

Material: birch, silver, acrylic paint, linen

Design by Koivisto Studio 2022