Welcome to Koivisto Studio! We are Susanna and Tobias – awarded product designers working at Koivisto’s farm in Karkkila, Finland.
Koivisto Studio Tobias Susanna
We are driven to make the world a little more lovable place. Our works and products combine our expertise, Tobias' carpentry and Susanna's goldsmith background. Koivisto's fields, forest and the riverside is working as our creative space.
Design solutions. Creative countryside.

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The design process starts with an idea from one of us and the other one continues it. Materials inspire us. Often we start to work for example with piece of wood without much planning or sketching.

Ideas can also pop into our minds like photographs of ready-made pieces. How they got there in the first place? Things we see, experience, read, feel - all are connected to how the idea is being born.

Collaboration is the key when creating new products. Do you have a project in mind? Let's plan it together!
Koivisto Studio Idea Illustration
Illustration: www.anni-julia.com

Visakoivu exhibition


Pro Puu gallery

Satamakatu 2A, Lahti, Finland

HögFORM event


Konepajahalli, Karkkila, Finland

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